From our Brand Ambassador – James Morrison

Although people know me mostly for my music, I have another great passion that has literally taken me all over this country – flying.

I started out sitting next to my dad who learnt to fly in a Tiger Moth, I spent countless hours sitting next to my older brother John as he flew the ‘night mail’ across Australia. My sister also had a commercial pilot’s licence and finally it was time for me to take the pilot’s seat. I’ve flown thousands of hours in multi-engine aircraft from Broome to Hobart, mostly with my band on board and it’s been one of the greatest privileges of my life.

When you fly by private plane you see things you can’t see any other way, you meet people you wouldn’t have otherwise met, and you get a perspective of the enormity and sheer beauty of this country that’s unavailable to those that are left on the ground.

When you’ve been around aeroplanes and pilots as long as I have, you get to know who’s who, and I’ve known about Kirkhope Aviation for more than thirty years - one of their pilots even moonlights in my band on saxophone! Experience and professionalism are what you’re looking for when you go flying—Tony and his team are unrivalled in both.

Being a brand ambassador for Australian Air Safaris is something I cherish, it’s a way of sharing my love of flying and an opportunity to encourage all those with a spirit of adventure to see this country from the air, with the best.


James Morrison AM

Brand Ambassador - Australian Air Safaris

Lake Eyre with Water. Magic.
"Our trip was wonderful from start to finish. We flew for an hour over Lake Eyre marvelling at the glistening water. Beautiful. We all moved around the seats on the plane to have different views with most of our 9 tourists sitting in the co-pilots seat for one of the legs. Great tour, great pilot, great people, and great country."
Me Beths , Tripadvisor

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