April 2017 Newsletter

Taste of the Outback Kicks Off!

Two of our most popular Taste of the Outback Tours have run already and they were a huge success!

Our pilots, Keith and Rob have just come back from our 3 day Taste of the Outback tour and continue to reinforce that the tour is about a lot more than just ticking off a few iconic locations from the bucket list.

It’s really about connecting and exploring your very own Australian backyard.

“It was a thrill to see outback sights that we hadn’t had the opportunity to experience before. The whole itinerary, including the ground tours, was excellent. Tony – you were great company and good fun, and made the whole trip so enjoyable. We are very satisfied customers”

– Max & Ann (Some of our most recent Customers)
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South Australia Discovered

Visiting Iconic Locations

Our recent tour to Kangaroo Island & Gawler Ranges has been a huge success!

“This well thought out 5 – day, 4 – night trip packs a wide range of very varied experiences experiences into a short period.”

– Ian

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Heading to King Island for Golf

Many successful golf trips this month

Feedback continues to roll in that Golf at King Island holds it on amongst other Australian & International courses.

Cape Wickham now has accommodation on site in addition to their fully operational club house.

King Island Dairy is currently going on refurbishment and their shop on their island will be reopen in the coming weeks!

Formation Training Nick & Tony

Getting ready for our video shoot

With the help from instructors at the Royal Victorian Aero Club, Nick & Tony have been undertaking training to fly in close formation.

Next week they’ll be taking two Chieftains up to Central Australia with a film crew on one of our Taste of the Outback tours.

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Winners and Grinners!

Free private trip down to King Island

Congratulations to this group of 6 amazing individuals who were able to respond the quickest on our Facebook page to secure themselves a free one way ticket to King Island!

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On Defence at Gawler Ranges

We love the Gawler Ranges so much that we’ve recently installed an anti-aircraft gun on a submarine to prevent our competitors from visiting. Pilot Nick manned the defences today.

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