Benefits of Private Plane Charter

“Where the journey is as important as the destination”

Nowadays, a private plane charter has become quite common not only in the political and corporate world but also for those wishing to design their own bespoke air tour. Consequently, there is a growing rise in the number of companies offering aircraft charter services. Although the cost may initially seem excessive, when time-saving considerations, convenience and safety are judged as being important, hiring a plane for a private charter comes with enormous advantages.

Charter an Aircraft


Kirkhope TOTO Stills 44

In order to charter an aircraft, you may either provide the specifications or leave it to the charter company to arrange your trip for you. Perhaps you are considering attending a wedding or a funeral with a group of family or friends, consequently it is advisable to seek a trustworthy air charter company which will deliver what you require on short notice. One such a company is Kirkhope Aviation, with some 35 years of experience it is known to offer meticulously maintained and presented aircraft for private air charter to show biz entertainers, politicians, mining executives, company directors and other VIP’s. With various types of twin-engine aircraft available, there is bound to be one to suit your specifications.

So, if you are planning on heading out for a corporate or business meeting where time is the essence, you should consider hiring the luxuriously appointed Super King Air pressurised twin-turbine and treat your group to travelling in style at a fraction of the cost of a comparable corporate jet. You work hard and deserve the highest level of luxury you can afford without going overboard on cost.

For your convenience, you will board the aircraft only metres from the departure lounge; after selecting your preferred time of departure you will be shortly on your way. Additionally you also get to choose on the time you want to arrive at your destination after providing for any nominated stopovers , affording a perfect platform to visit other places as part of of your journey. Arrive refreshed and ready for business, flying in the Super King Air presents a perfect opportunity to freshen up.

Our aircraft are also available to ferry clients to hard to get to places in Australia’s rugged landscape sometimes on pristine airstrips and often with nothing more than a long dirt runway; operating with experienced flight crew your safety and comfort are our priority.

Private Plane Charter


Not only business but pleasure too…… is also worth considering a private plane charter where you have your own select group of family or friends and “self designed” holiday. Be it a day trip, a weekend or a full 10-14 day trip around Australia, we can help you design your own special “bespoke air tour” to suit your needs and requirements, we just make it happen effortlessly!! You can nominate the level of accommodation you require be it five star or outback lodge, land based tours and the most appropriate aircraft to you experiential journey…. we can then provide you with an accurate quote.

Think safety, comfort and style, giving you absolute freedom in your own private airplane charter, flying where and when you want, demonstrating your new independence by not having to rely on airline schedules or airport queues.

Think Kirkhope Aviation for aircraft charter services…

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