How to Get to Flinders Island and King Island

Getting to Flinders Island and King Island, one must first know what it means to have a vacation in the area.


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Are you one of those successful individuals who consider vacation as an integral part of their well-being? Do you know that a vacation can sustain one’s productivity and best performance?

Everyone wants to take a break from the stress of work, studies and business. It is the chance to bond with family, rekindle that special relationship and just visit beautiful places together. There is no specific time for this self-pampering. This can happen any time of the year to different destinations. It can be to the highest mountain peak, secluded island, historical places, white sand beaches and many more.

Comparing Flinders and King Islands

One of the most ideal places to go for your next holiday is Flinders  Island  and King Island located in the state of Tasmania, Australia. Here you will experience the cheese and chalk isles and what it offers. Cheeses of King Island are highly renowned while the chalk-like white beaches and the enchanting landscape of Flinders Island is most worthy of a visit. Both islands are for those who want to enjoy the finer things  of  life and for those who love the beach and the enchanting clear waters. Both islands have superb secluded beaches with pristine waters and white sand.

What makes King Island intriguing?


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King Island is proud to show off great and natural treasures. Take for example the Seal Rocks that is embraced by its ancient virgin forest which looks so mysterious and enchanting. This can bring the daring tourist as well as the less valiant one into an adventure of a lifetime. Penny’s Lagoon situated in the water table adds another beautiful experience to every visit. But what makes King Island an excellent site is the known Lavinia Beach that is now a haven to many surfers because of its propelling waves. It is now considered as one of the 10 best surfing sites in the world. Seafood is a major attraction to the Island and of course the cheese factory and Kelp seaweed  production are a must see.

You will be awed with King Island’s history because of its 60 famous shipwrecks taking lives of more than 2,000 individuals due to its location which is at the mid-western area of the Bass Strait.

A Show Off Of Flinders Island Tourist Attractions

It is not just the gorgeous landscape that stretches towards the headlands that is covered with blazing orange lichen that is breathtakingly beautiful on Flinders Island. The hills over the horizon are pierced high until your eye reaches the high Strzelecki Peaks. This is another of the remarkable sites to awe any visitor, while looking over the perfect coastal view of Trousers Point. Viewing the scenery from the shore reflects the sea meeting the summit, a view that is certainly magnificent.


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Holiday-makers are offered at Strzelecki Peaks the chance for outdoor activities with its bushwalking trail that winds towards the slopes and summit of the mountain. The climbing spree passes bare rocks and rainforests while at the end the effort you will be rewarded with is the magnificent view of Bass Strait reflecting crystal clear waters. Another great site is the Mount Killiecrankie which is a climber’s forecourt, waiting to be rediscovered.  Fishing either by boat or offshore and exciting quad bike riding along the beaches or the mountains are great opportunities. Once again on this Island seafood is a must.

Historically, Flinders Island cannot claim its popularity due to maritime tragedies but from an historic site, Wybalenna Chapel. This landmark is highly regarded as the deserted memory of Tasmania’s struggle to exile while isolating the Aborigines.

How to Get to Flinders and King Island with “Kirkhope Aviation”

Kirkhope Aviation is an air charter company with a proven 40 years of recorded experience. They can fly you or your group to Flinders and King Islands from  their Australian base at Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne. Flights to Flinders Island are available either in their King Air twin turbine or in their Piper  Navajo. On request, private charters can be arranged to include tours in which your accommodation and activities can be organized for you or your group.

The remoteness of the area so near to Melbourne brought to you for a full packed day or multiple days.

Getting to King Island


With Kirkhope Aviation the King Island tour can be like The Flinders Island trip where you just fly there direct for 1 -2 days. Alternatively you could chose a standard 4 day tours which encompasses  Flinders Island escapade,  then to Tasmania  and  Strahan on the Gordon River. There  you can  also enjoy a West Coast Steam Railway trip to the Wilderness of Tasmania before the last night at King Island ……all as part of your 4 day tour.

Here are options you can choose from:

  • A Tasmania, King and Flinders island tour for 4 days where one day and night you stay on Flinders Island, Strahan and King Island.
  • A weekend option which is basically a 3 day tour to Flinders Island. Departure will be late in the afternoon of Day 1 and returning in the afternoon of Day 3.
  • Customized tour which is based on your wants can be designed for you. It can include fishing, sightseeing, bush walking, quad bike riding, walks on the beaches to include picnic hampers. Just contact Kirkhope Aviation to schedule and get quotes.
  • One day experience of Flinders Island or King Island is also available with Kirkhope Aviation that includes touring and meals.

A vacation is a freedom or release from the ordinary activities in life and it is meant to recharge your system to give you the energy to get back to the usual routine. The Flinders and King Islands’ escapades are just meant to do that. But what makes holidaying more fun and memorable is the people you spend your days with, people who have put more meaning in your life and up until the next trip, you will hold those memories in your heart.

If you’d like to see more on our Tasmania holidays, please visit our page.

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