July Trip Report – Taste of the Outback

Taste of the Outback July Report

2017 is the year for travelling, exploring and discovering…

Taste of the Outback tours have continually been a huge hit with travellers this year. We thrive on providing amazing tours and the glowing feedback from travellers has been immensely motivating.

It’s at the heart of why we do what we do. We want to give local Australians and international guests a tailored and luxurious glimpse into the wonders of Australia. We’ve been able to do this so far by having top-quality aircraft, reaching even the hardest to reach locations.  Also being able to rely on the relationships we’ve developed through decades of visits to local outback experts adds a very special dimension.

There are 2 tours left in July, seats are limited. Our last Taste of the Outback tour for 2017 is on the 16th of September. Take advantage of this unique bucket list opportunity and make sure you book onto one of remaining trips of the year.

Lake Eyre

Stunning pastel colours

Day three of the tour took us to visit the Australian phenomenon – Lake Eyre. In the previous two weeks there had been 10mm of rain, meaning there was water in Madigan Gulf.

The superb weather conditions provided our guests with stunning pastel colours. Our guests remarked that this bucket-list opportunity didn’t disappoint.


Ran out of Curry Camel Pie!

Day two of the tour featured stunning sunset views at Big Red, followed by a stay at the number 1 pub in the Australian Outback, the Birdsville hotel.

Birdsville is still extremely busy with the remnants of the Big Red Bash on the previous weekend. It was so busy that they ran out of the famous Curry Camel Pie!


Taking a short break from flying!

Starting the second day of the tour, it’s a 1.8 hr flight to Innamincka. After landing, our guests joined a local tour expert to cruise down the Cooper Creek and enjoy the sounds of native birdlife.

The Australian Outback is full of surprises, you wouldn’t have expected to cruise in the great red desert!

Lake Mungo

 Blue skies, light wind – the perfect day

Our first day took us to the historic Lake Mungo. Our local tour guide was very informative and explained to us in detail the intricacies of Lake Mungo.

The weather proves again to be perfect this time of the year. On arrival and throughout the day we had perfect blue skies and a light wind.

Upcoming Tours

We’ve got four Taste of the Outback Tours coming up in July and August – Limited seats available.

Jul 22nd | 3 days, $3,295pp/ts
Jul 29th  | 3 days, $3,295pp/ts
Aug 5th   | 4 days, $3,995pp/ts
Aug 12th | 3 days, $3,295pp/ts

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