King Air: Your Safest Flight to Mt Hotham This Winter

It’s wintertime in Australia and the snow season has begun. Mt Hotham beckons, with its perfect skiing conditions. So what are you waiting for? Just take off for your skiing and snow-boarding holiday to the Mt Hotham Alpine Resort.

If you are wondering what’s the safest way to get there, take a look at some special aircraft charters to Mt Hotham from Moorabbin Airport, Melbourne, and you will find that your skiing and snow-boarding holiday is much closer than you imagined, just a 35-minute flight away! Maybe you can see a great sunny day approaching. If so arrange a few friends and contact us. We will fly you there for the day. be on the slopes at 9am and back at Moorabbin by 6pm…what a great way to travel to the snow.

Start off on your skiing and snow-boarding trip, on a positive note, by taking the aircraft that’s perfectly suited to the purpose, the King Air. This is the safest and most comfortable aircraft available from Moorabbin for rapid transport to your favorite ski resort. When considering the issues of safe aircraft flights to take you to the tree-lined cross-country trails that await you at Mt Hotham, we believe that three criteria are fundamental:

1. Capability of Flight in Icing conditions

Given the weather conditions required for the recent snow dumps, it’s also important to ensure safe flying whilst getting there during winter. The King Air was designed for and then certified by the FAA for flight in these types of icy conditions with complete safety. It’s one of only a small number of aircraft types in the Melbourne region, capable of performing this task.

2. King Air has Twin Turbine Engine:

Bask in a fast modern twin-engine aircraft, as you head to the best skiing and snow-boarding you can find, in Hotham’s Big-D, Sundowner and Race Gully trails. You will be secure in the knowledge that the King Air’s proven PT-6 turbine engine is one of the most popular turboprop aircraft engines in history and is particularly well known for its extremely high reliability.

3. Pressurized and Comfortable Corporate Cabin:

The King Air is renowned for its large pressurised cabin thereby making for the perfect combination of comfort and speed when flying to the snow.

These three factors are some of the reasons that the King Air is the preferred aircraft for much of the flying in the extreme conditions of the European Alps in winter, it’s used almost exclusively as an Air Ambulance by the authorities in these regions, as well as being favored by the Swiss Air Force for its transport operations in the rarefied heights of the Swiss Alps. It also has a proven track record here in Australia, particularly with it’s impressive safety record whilst being used as an air ambulance by the Royal Flying Doctor Service of Australia (RFDS) over many years.

For these reasons safety is a given if you charter a King Air for your flight to the Hotham Alpine Resort. Our aircraft can seat up to 10 passengers; however with luggage you are best off if you go in a group of 5 – 8 people.

So don’t waste any time getting a group together while the conditions are so ideal for skiing at your favorite resort with its abundance of runs, regardless of whether you are a beginner or an intermediate or advanced skier or boarder.

Kirkhope Aviation has the perfect aircraft to ferry you to Mt Hotham.

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