Kirsty Ebes – King Air Bush Pilot Down Under

Meet Kirsty Ebes….corporate and bush pilot.

K.D. Leperi writes about his amazing two week air adventure to Australia’s Outback and wild Kimberley coast of Western Australia in Aviation for Women – July / August 2013 Edition. Text and photography by K.D. Leperi.

She goes on to say:

“With an itinerary nothing short of a “Bucket List” of adventurous sojourns for an intrepid group of eight photographers (K.D. Leperi included), acclaimed Australian photographer Ewen Bell, and tour director John Dyer of Air Adventure over Australia, it was an experience of a lifetime.  In all, the air safari was 14 days of exquisite adventure and unique photo opportunities covering 4,887 miles of Australian territory.”

“They travelled in the Beechcraft SuperKing Air VH-ZOKsingle-piloted by Ebes. With twin engine PT6 turbines, the upmarket corporate aircraft flies at a nice clip of 270 knots true airspeed or 300 miles per hour at Flight Level 290. Noted for its club seating, the King Airseats 10 passengers – perfect for a photo safari.” Starting at age 15, Kirsty did her early training in a Piper Cherokee Warrior, largely inspired by a bush pilot dad who flew helicopters and did crop-dusting for a living.  Her dad suggested she take flying lessions.

“I would ride my bicycle from school to the airport, because I was too young to drive a car, and then hop into an aeroplane to go flying on my own,” she recalled.  By the age of 18, Ebes was proudly displaying her private pilot certificate.

Kirsty currently flies the King Air for Kirkhope Aviation at Moorabbin Airport.  This corporate aircraft appeals to not only outback Australia tours but also the exclusive business charter where speed and comfort is of the essence.


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