Organize Your Luxury Bespoke Air Tour and Keep the Lifetime Memories

“Welcome on board your Kirkhope Aviation aircraft.”

Luxury Air Tour



Southern Ocean Eco Lodge 6 Kangaroo Island Kirkhope Aviation

Kirkhope Aviation offers scheduled air tours ranging from 1 to 14 day trips to all manner of destinations in Australia for you to enjoy, so why not consider a luxury air tour? While all our tours are in the highest quality aircraft, offering comfort and style, you may wish to be extravagant and take our best line aircraft, the luxurious “Super King Air”. The King Air is a twin-turbine, pressurised corporate configured aircraft with a toilet for use in an emergency.

Bespoke Air Tour

With bespoke air tours the choice is yours: you may decide not to fill every seat and carry whatever luggage you desire; you may decide on a two pilot operation; you may wish to alter the itinerary as you go to suit your interests; you may wish to stay at the best, most upmarket, exclusive resorts. Really its all about you!! So what If we call this a “bespoke air tour”……. actually it is just another name for your very own hand-crafted luxury air tour.

Having you as our guests and organizing for you the very best upmarket luxury air tour available would be our pleasure. For when time’s the essence, there’s no need for you to waste time with long waiting queues at airports and luggage check-in with your bespoke air tour.

The Super King Air


Zok Outback Kirkhope Aviation Aircraft

Taking the exclusive Super King Air option you would be able to not only arrange your own private air tour itinerary but pamper yourself and your guests. The aircraft has the ability to land on all types of airstrips so there is no limitation for you when planning outback destinations for the tour. The corporate club seating with rear loading stairs provides plenty of room and comfort for travelling. The aircraft has a toilet for emergency use and the carrying capacity is up to ten passengers , but then with limited luggage.

The Super King Air is really an impressive aircraft suitable for all types of private or corporate luxury tours. With its turbine engines it flies high above the weather conditions with the maximum cruise speed of 530km/hr. This will guarantee that all along the way on your holiday you will enjoy the perfect conditions provided by the manufacturer of this very special and luxurious aircraft.

With our scheduled tours, or an exclusive bespoke air tour designed by you, both you and your guests will always receive a first class service, a travelling program and the schedule individualized according to your personal requirements and needs.

Consider planning your own luxury air tour now and soon you will be enjoying the comfort of our Super King Air twin-turbine corporate aircraft; flying you with your guests directly to the destinations of your choice, your vacation commences when you walk directly to your aircraft conveniently parked only meters from the departure lounge at Moorabbin Airport and start enjoying the highly personalised treatment offered by Kirkhope Aviation.

You may start your luxury bespoke air tour today but will have a lifetime memories to keep.

“Thank you for choosing to fly Kirkhope Aviation”.

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