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April 2015 | Outback Tour Updates | New Golf Tours Coming

LAKE EYRE WATER IS DISAPPEARING BUT STILL LOOKS GREAT AS USUAL Taste of the Outback Taste of the Outback (with LAKE EYRE) Two of these tours have been completed with another 3 day trip leaving on the 11th April. While the water has been  disappearing the trips have been stunningly successful. May 7th…1 seat available….

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Independent Retiree Article – A Wildnerness Paradise

Independent Retiree Article June 2007. “What is it about Pungalina Station in the Northern Territory and its remote safari camp that makes it a “must do” for anyone with a love of the real Australian outback?” “For me it is the opportunity to immerse myself in pristine Australian wilderness and soak up the atmosphere away…

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Recreational Aviation Australia Article

Article published Recreational Aviation Australia 24 – July 2007. Although Pungalina Station is now closed, there are beautiful wilderness regions in Australia’s gulf country in our air tours – that will fit any recreational activity. “When Tony Kirkhope rang and offered me a trip to his Pungalina Station in a remote part of the Northern…

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