4 Unmistakable Reasons Why Cape Wickham is a Golfer’s Paradise


What can be more grand than teeing off on a course overlooking the impressive ocean? With the opening of Cape Wickham Links King Island, Tasmania has added another gem to its premier golf courses list. The links is home to a view of the Bass Strait and Australia’s tallest lighthouse on the same horizon. With that, you are set for an extravagant golfing experience.

What sets Cape Wickham Links apart, is its painstakingly crafted landscape and hole layout. Being right next to the ocean, this stunning setting is enough to keep you returning for more rounds. But there’s more that makes this course special. Here are 4 reasons why Cape Wickham is Australia’s very own golf paradise:

#1 Picture Perfect Landscapes

The rolling greens the course sports are breathtaking to say the least. Most of all, tee time gets adventurous as well as relaxing, thanks to its one of a kind routing. Of its 18 holes, 8 are parallel to the shore while 2 have greens on the coastline. Three holes however have tees right beside the ocean, together making for an unforgettable treat for the leisure loving golfer. The experience is as unique as they come which is why Cape Wickham should be high on your list if you are an avid golfer.


#2 Dazzling Reviews

Cape Wickham reviews not surprisingly, gush about the course being just one of the few coastal courses in the world. But even more golfers have praised the par 4’s and par 5’s, making it a sensational place to play at. It has been unanimously touted as a rare gem of a course by golfers. That’s one reason why it could well be the best course in Australia.

#3 An Immersive Course

Golf combines relaxation and leisure amazingly. The most attractive aspect about the game is the sense of well being it brings. Even touring professionals cannot help but relish in a beautifully designed setting of a golf course. Cape Wickham brings a whole new twist to the tale. It has a distinctive sporting experience to offer being surrounded by beauty that is bound to leave you touched. A windy day and the sound of smashing waves only take the challenge a notch higher, but also lets you immerse in the sea-side ambience. The course however, has great landing areas to make playing there fun even for the most hard to please golfer.

#4 Luxury Flight

So may be this is not how you expect to travel to your tee off time, but Cape Wickham is all about a premium experience! With Kirkhope Aviation offering golf packages, you are bound for an unparalleled luxury experience that involves gourmet meals and luxury aircraft travel to the course. This makes it an opportunity that is not to be missed.

There is no doubt then that Cape Wickham Golf Links is an experience just waiting to be enjoyed. Enhance your golfing stint with a luxury flight to the course from Kirkhope Aviation.


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