Independent Retiree Article – A Wildnerness Paradise

Independent Retiree Article June 2007.

“What is it about Pungalina Station in the Northern Territory and its remote safari camp that makes it a “must do” for anyone with a love of the real Australian outback?”

“For me it is the opportunity to immerse myself in pristine Australian wilderness and soak up the atmosphere away from the constraints of urban living. It is also the adventure of doing this not otherwise available to me … fishing for barra, canoeing through steep red gorges, dropping 50 metres into a cave that was only recently discovered by white man but has probably been known to Aboriginals for thousands and thousands of years.” Of seeing the birdlife I never dreamed existed …

Pungalina Station is no longer available to the general public, however if you’re looking for an adventure holiday, please give us a call at Kirkhope Aviation.

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