An Irresistible Getaway Awaits At Lord Howe Island

Beautiful pristine beaches, clear blue waters, a remote location – sums up the most ideal holiday experience ever. A Lord Howe Island holiday invitation for you to experience the perfect vacation on one of Australia’s untouched Islands is waiting. So pack up and get ready for the most extravagant getaway.

A highlight of the Lord Howe Island all-inclusive package is an overnight stay at Cessnock where you can enjoy some excellent wine from the Hunter Valley. Experience the wonderfully luxurious Lord Howe Island accommodation at a premium Luxury Lodge.

Here is why Lord Howe Island is the ideal get-away holiday:

#1 Pristine Ambiance

The gorgeous island is gifted with just the perfect landscape. Witness the most striking flora and fauna that you have ever seen. One can go for morning walks and professional treks on Mt. Gower through the craggy topography. The entire island, overlooking the crystal blue waters, is visible from the mountain peak and is quite breath-taking. Explore the caves as you visit Balls Pyramid. The sparkling waters around the basalt spearhead are ideal for divers to interact one on one with magnificent marine creatures. Lord Howe’s Island is home to 500 species of fish and 90 coral species and hosts innumerable bays and beaches to explore. If you’d like to take in some Lord Howe fishing, let us know and we can organise it for you.

#2 Pleasant Itineraries

You will be spoiled for choices about the things you could do on your 6-day trip to Lord Howe Island. Travelers have an opportunity to spot seabirds from amongst the 14 very popular species of birds that thrive and breed there. Red-tailed Tropic Birds glide past you under the crimson sky early in the morning.

Lord Howe Island Masked Boobie Bird

Masked Boobie Bird

Masked Boobie Bird

The island is abode to hundreds of Shearwaters between March and November that make their flight back at dusk. Feel nature taking over senses, as you get high with beauty that can overawe you. Birds as Providence Petrel, Sooty Terns, Masked Boobies and hundreds others nest their homes on this unique island.

#3 Luxurious Flight:

A promise of a luxury vacation cannot be fulfilled without a luxurious flight. Experience luxury style travelling in your personal twin turbine pressurized Super King Air aircraft. Clear your mind from your daily routine as you step into the Super King Air Aircraft and be prepared for a king style treatment. The Lord Howe Island Travel Packages are the perfect start for an exciting 6 days that you are about to experience.

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