Lake Eyre is Filling with Flood Water! [2016]

Lake Eyre is Filling with Flood Water! [2016]

Looking for current updates on Lake Eyre water levels? The below article was published back in 2016. Check out our dedicated page for the latest news and expectations for the spectacular outback phenomenon that is water in Lake Eyre.


In January 2016 we reported that due to heavy rains Lake Eyre was indeed flooding.

Trevor Wright of William Creek stated it’s been raining heavily in William Creek and many of the surrounding areas, recording falls of up to 200 mm in some areas. The amount of water from the monsoon determines whether water will reach the lake. Considering that the average rainfall in the area of the lake is 100 to 150 mm per year, when flooding occurs, it is quite a phenomen to see the lake transform. Also known as Kati-Thanda, Lake Eyre is famous for its flat, vast salt plains. It is the lowest point in Australia at 15 metres below sea level.  Usually dry, with a vastness of white crystals from the salt, the addition of flood water makes for a spectacular rare sight and an event that shouldn’t be missed.

Lake Eyre is located north of Flinders Ranges and 60 km east of William Creek.

As can be seen from the image to the right, Lower Warburton Lakes is currently full, Neales has slowed down, Warburton Groove is still flowing Neales and Warburton water.  At cooper there is water over the causeway at Innamincka with Walkers Crossing closed.  Cooper Crossing is open and Coongie Lakes is full of flood waters.

Belt Bay is still looking spectacular with about 1.6m of water, whilst Madigan Gulf is at a trickle.  Lake Eyre South currently has about 400mm of water.

The next Warburton flood will reach Lake Eyre in about 3 weeks and at the moment there are pelicans feeding in Warburton and Neals and possibly nesting on Dulhunty Island.

The brilliant white fresh salt crust on Lake Eyre South is simply stunning – you will need your sunglasses!

It is the perfect time to see Lake Eyre whilst there is water in Lake Eyre… although admittedly it is still an awesome sight with only a trickle.

More information on the current water level is available from Lake Eyre Yacht Club.

Water is still flowing in Lake Eyre due to rains in March 2016.

It is perfect timing to capture the beauty of this region and it is the best time of the year to visit Lake Eyre.

Lake Eyre Tours available with Kirkhope Aviation

Taste of the Outback 3 day air tour includes Birdsville on the Diamantina River, Goyder Lagoon and the Warburton River, culminating in a spectacular journey across Lake Eyre North – from north to south.

Extended Taste of the Outback 4 day air tour is similar to the 3 day tour but adds the majestic Lake Mungo at Mungo National Park and Broken Hill, coming back to Melbourne through Parachilna and the central Flinders Ranges.

Shorter one and two day Lake Eyre tours are also available.

Tours are inclusive of meals, drinks with meals, accommodation, scenic ground and air tours.

4WD tour and Lunch on the Lake Eyre edge (conditions permitting)

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