Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre Water Level: Current Status

This is your go to page for the latest on Lake Eyre 2021. 

April 2021

Water is moving down the Diamantina River through the Goyder Lagoon and is quite a sight to behold it should reach Lake Eyre North  by mid to late April.  The amount of water that will go into the Lake and how long it will last is anyone's guess at the moment.  We will have a better idea when we do our first tour in May.   There are large pools of water in Madigan Gulf and Belt Bay

Lake Eyre South has good coverage with about 600 mm.

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Warburton Grove April 2021


Kirkhope Aviation has 3 fantastic all-inclusive tours that feature Lake Eyre. Taste of the Outback (3 days) and Taste of the Outback (4 days). and Vistas of South Australia (3 days) The best way to see Lake Eyre is in our luxury twin engine aircraft with large picture windows for optimum viewing.

© Kirkhope Aviation 2019 - Photos taken by Jake Barden and Martin Josselyn

Dry or wet, Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre is a sight to behold and Kirkhope Aviation with over 40 years’ experience are the experts in outback touring, so travelling with us you will get the most out of your tour and best value for money.

Every seat is a window seat and not only do you see the great lake by air.  We take you by land to the shores of the lake so you can touch and feel it. It’s a fully immersive, once (or twice) in a lifetime experience for all Australians.

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Update on Lake Eyre Water Levels 10 April

We operated our first tour to Lake Eyre last weekend and the Lake is starting to fill up.

The water has reached Belt Bay (the deepest point of the Lake) and is now spilling over and spreading out.

There is still a vast amount of water still making its way down the river system towards the Lake as well. It is predicted the water will last till the end of August and beyond.

Update on Lake Eyre Water Levels 18 March

The water has now reached Lake Eyre.  Please see this report from the ABC.


Update on Lake Eyre Water Levels (6 March 2019)

The water travelling down to Lake Eyre has now reached Goyder Lagoon and passed Clifton Hills and is at Kalamurina.

It's flowing very quickly and is expected to reach Lake Eyre in 2 weeks time. Now is the time to book your tour to secure your seat.

Update on Lake Eyre Water Levels (19 Feb 2019)

A vast amount of water is heading down the Diamantina River at a rapid rate and is likely to reach Birdsville in the next few days. Birdsville is likely to be land locked and not accessible by vehicle for some time (however we can still fly in).

At this stage, it is expected the water will reach Lake Eyre in early April. Birdsville is looking forward to the wildflowers following the dry flood (A dry flood is as a result of river swelling as opposed to direct rain).

Enjoy the below live video, filmed live on 15th and 18th of February, of water flowing into the Channel Country near Birdsville

We had full intentions of adding some commentary but the sound of Mother Nature in the Channel Country took our breath away! Enjoy the moment.

Posted by Birdsville Hotel on Saturday, 16 February 2019

Good morning from the remarkably powerful Channel Country.

Posted by Birdsville Hotel on Monday, 18 February 2019

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