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Looking for current updates on Lake Eyre water levels? The below article was published back in June 2016. Check out our dedicated page for the latest news and expectations for the spectacular outback phenomenon that is water in Lake Eyre.


Warburton Creek flow has decreased but recent local rain has more shallow clear water in the lake.

Our friends from Kati Thanda-Lake Eyre National Park have kindly provided us with an update of the Lake Eyre water level as of 24 June 2016.

Kati Thanda continues to be in a yo-yo state. Turbid water from the Warburton Creek continues to flow into the lake but the rate has decreased in the last month. Coupled with frequent local rain, the coverage of both lakes has increased. In the last month, water coverage on the north lake has increased from around 40% to about 55%, and the south lake from 15% to a bit over 20%.

As has occurred several times this year already, some of this is shallow water that has fallen directly on the lake will drain to the lower parts of the lake and some will evaporate. So, the coverage will change but this weekend may see more local rain so the yo-yo may continue.

Belt Bay, North of Lake Eyre

On the north lake, Belt Bay has more water especially on its southern edge. Jackboot Bay has increased coverage slightly but Madigan Gulf has increased coverage significantly, and still has some great salt patterns under its clear, shallow water. Most other creeks and rivers that have flowed onto the lake have either stopped or barely make it out onto the lake. Kalaweerina Creek to the north east has flowed a small way out onto the lake but does not join up with the main waterbody and is not significant.

The south lake is pretty much the same with the Margaret River just flowing onto the lake but is not joined to waterbody. The downside to this recent rain is that where there is no water, the lake has lost its brilliant white veneer. This will emerge once the damp crust dries out. A new moderate flood in the Cooper Creek near Windorah and minor flood in the Georgina and Eyre Creeks will have little or no impact on the lake at this stage. If roads and tracks are open, visitors on the ground will see water at Lake Eyre South lookout, Level Post Bay and Halligan Bay Point. They need to check or call or call 1300 361 033 for details of any closures.

On our flight path, a small colony of silver gulls were nesting on the northern edge of Dalhunty Island, with silver gulls and several flocks of up to a few hundred ducks seen half way along the Warburton Groove. No pelicans were observed along our flight path but we did not go north of the lake along the Warburton Creek. Outback temperatures are getting quite low especially at night, so visitors need to be well prepared and provisioned for any visit to this remote area.

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