How to Get to Lake Eyre

One of the great salt lakes you should check out.

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Airborne over Lake Eyre

Located in the Australian outback, 697 km from Adelaide, it spans 9,500 square kilometers. In fact, it is Australia’s largest lake. It is also part of the Lake Eyre National Park and the lowest point on the Australian mainland, approximately 11m below the sea level. The lake is also a common breeding ground for Australian water birds, especially during the cooler months.

Getting into Lake Eyre isn’t difficult.

There are various options. However, the best option is to fly in.

There are several tour companies offering tours to Lake Eyre. But you need the best for the ultimate service and experience. This is where Kirkhope Aviation plays a major role, having had over 40 years experience in outback tours and hence are trustworthy tour operators and companions. Their Lake Eyre flights are the best and quite an experience. The tours offer a variety of experiences and destinations along with Lake Eyre flights.

Take a low level light over the lake and be wowed by the spectacular views from above; just fantastic regardless of whether it is in flood or dry.  The flight over the lake is quite an experience and recommended so that you can get an idea of how large the lake is.

Lake Eyre is sometimes referred to as a ‘salt pan’.


Normally the lake is dry, and it gets filled with salt and crystals reflecting the sunlight. When the water fills, watch the massive breeding colonies of water birds. The birds travel many kilometers to roost and raise their young – truly a bird watchers paradise.

Tour Lake Eyre and discover a spectacular stretch of water  or a magnificent stretch of dry salt, right in the desert. A tour to Lake Eyre gives you a taste of the outback and a truly memorable experience.

Taste of the Outback Tours that include Lake Eyre:


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