Recreational Aviation Australia Article

Article published Recreational Aviation Australia 24 – July 2007.

Although Pungalina Station is now closed, there are beautiful wilderness regions in Australia’s gulf country in our air tours – that will fit any recreational activity.

“When Tony Kirkhope rang and offered me a trip to his Pungalina Station in a remote part of the Northern Territory, I leapt at the opportunity. I was retiring, for the third time, on the Thursday and he was leaving on the Friday. I couldn’t think of a better way of putting the past 18 somewhat gruelling months of 16 hour days behind me and starting a new and relaxed life.”

Pungalina Station? A half million acre property on the Calvert River, 40 kilometres from the Gulf of Carpentaria. A property of pristine Australian wilderness with countless attractions and abundant plant and wildlife, red faced gorges, lakes, limestone caves, swimming holes, a wide blue river, barramundi leaping onto hooks, a safari camp with generous amenities, great food, the ever necessary bar and a range of escorted activities that take advantage of all the Pungalina experience has to offer.”

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