Rotarian Traveller – Wildlife Safari Gawler Ranges, South Australia

In the July edition of Rotarian Traveller,  Dennis and Rosamund Knill stay-over in one of Australia’s most isolated camp sites and experience the ultimate destination for nature-lovers and eco-adventurers in the Gawler Ranges, South Australia.

“The Eyre Peninsula might have been invented to provide the perfect holiday adventure, but further north is one of the most stunningly beautiful, wild and untravelled outbacks you’ll ever see, in less than three hours from Port Lincoln you will find yourself in another world amongst diverse plant life, exotic birds and wild animals.

It’s fierce and uncompromisingly stark out there and by and large untouched but for a few all-embracing tourists wanting to escape the stresses of city life.  This is a harsh place, if it’s not floods, it’s droughts, if it’s not droughts, it’s fires and the blistering heat painted in bright red. And everywhere you look there is life, kangaroos engaged in Mexican stand-offs, emus streaking across barren grasslands while parrots are basing on branches in the sun as wedge tail eages gaze down austernly from the clear blue sky above.  It’s as if nature has put on a play and we’re the audience lucky enough to have the best seats in the house”

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To read the full story of Dennis and Rosamund Knill’s experience, please visit the Rotarian Traveller magazine. The story is a few pages in.

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