The Joy of Air Touring

The Joy of Air Touring

With a nation as vast as Australia, we’re spoiled for places to explore. Within one country we have such a spectacular range of experiences, sceneries, and climates. So naturally some of the most unique places to visit are also the hardest. We have towns filled with quirky characters, hotels in far-flung destinations, and history tracing back millions of years.

The biggest luxury when it comes to air touring?

Being able to get further than you could imagine if you were bound to the ground.

What is Air Touring?

Air Touring is to travel by private or light plane as your main mode of transport, rather than (for example) trains or car. It means that we have the whole country to explore places near and far together.

Air Touring with Australian Air Safaris is your window to extraordinary Australia. Our fleet of aircraft means a maximum of nine people on our tours, and every seat in our aircrafts is a window seat so that no one misses out on the beautiful views!

For those of you who are plane lovers, we have a Beechcraft King Air, Cessna Grand Caravan EX, a Piper Navajo and two Piper Chieftains that make up our privately owned fleet.

Australian Air Safaris Plane

What makes Australian Air Safaris tours unique?

Our business means that our pilots are your go-to for your whole tour. They act not only as your pilot, but as your group leader. And although we are biassed, our pilots are the best of the best. We are incredibly proud of not only their skills as pilots, but their love for giving you an experience you will always remember.

Our tours are also a culmination of over 45 years of touring Australia. We have wonderful relationships with local tour guides who have been our valued partners for many years. Their knowledge and passion is unmatched, and they will regale you with stories that show you the true heart of the destinations we are travelling to. 

Our tours are all-inclusive (as per the itineraries), and that includes the tours that we do with local guides. All you have to do is book your tour and meet us at the airport, we’ll handle the rest. After all, a holiday should be about relaxing! 

We also own all of our own planes, so you always know that you are getting the quality and safety that Kirkhope Aviation and Australian Air Safaris are known for!

Who is going air touring? 

We take immense joy in being able to take you to places that you have dreamed of going to, but never had the chance. Most of our guests have worked hard their whole lives and are ready to spend time enjoying life.

Air touring means that you’re not spending long days in the car or having to navigate from airports to cities, or buses and trains. We are always happy to chat to you about what tours will work best for your mobility. 

What if you’re going solo? You’ll be in great company. We have many solo travellers, who make lifelong friends from our tours. You will never feel alone, our pilots will always make sure you’ve got a friend! Plus, they make great photography assistants to make sure you’ve got plenty of photos of your trip to show your family and friends when you get home. 

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Where can I go?

We have 26 unique itineraries going across Australia in 2024, so we’re sure that you’ll find a tour that excites you! From the beautiful outback in Flinders Ranges (SA) to the Great Barrier Reef (QLD) and the Bungle Bungles (WA) - we crisscross our vast nation throughout the year! 

If you’ve got a destination in mind you’re always welcome to give us a call and we can tell you what tours we have going to your dream location! Not sure yet where you want to go? You can order a free copy of our 2024 Air Tour Guide and we’ll put one in the post for you to be able to flick through with a cuppa in hand. 

What Comes Next?

Each year we release a printed version of our air tour guide, which is now out! If you would like a copy sent to your door for free, you can sign up for that guide here

Or if you’d prefer to see what tours we have upcoming you can see our departures list here

Our team is also happy to chat with you about our tours and help you to choose the best option for you! Please do call us on 1300 20 61 30 

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