What do you expect when you go on a holiday?

Do you love adventure or relaxing on an Australian holiday?

A relaxed journey? An adventurous trip? A fun moment away from the hectic schedule? A family gathering? An Australian air holiday tour?

Whatever type of holiday you are expecting, get memorable moments and great experience when travelling on an Australian Outback holiday tour. You will have the chance to engage more with nature in all its glory, as well as enjoy free time away from the regular busy city schedule. What are you May? What about a 3 day Australian air tour to Innamincka, Cooper Creek, Birdsville, Lake Eyre, Arkaroola or a 4 day trip to Broken Hill, Dig Tree, Innamincka, Cooper Creek, Birdsville, Lake Eyre, Parachilna?

Kangaroo Island Anyone?

Engage with nature: these magnificent trips include Kangaroo Island and then to Parachilna on the western side of the Flinders Ranges.

What to expect – Full tours of Kangaroo Island sights and a tour into the Flinders Ranges gorges, low flying with spectacular views, great food and company… Make sure you bring your camera as the views can’t be matched. What more could you expect?

Get up close with nature in Australia’s Outback – The days will be filled with adventures within natural surroundings. Visit places teeming with birdlife, kangaroos, emus. Food and accommodation is provided.


IMG 7188 Kirkhope Aviation Kangaroo Island

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