Where is the best place for fishing?

So you want to go Fishing?

Where is the best place for fishing? How do you get there? What will it cost? Can you take your mates with you? Will your family enjoy the trip while you’re fishing?

Fishing Flinders Island
Fishing on Flinders Island

In all its grandeur, Flinders Island in Tasmania is considered one of the most beautiful destinations for vacationers and adventurers. People from all over the world come to this location to take in the pleasure of beautiful sceneries and rich wildlife. The bodies of water and outback offers unlimited exciting activities that all love to enjoy. This place is well known for its natural environment and water bodies, which is also the home of many varieties of fish. These include very big flathead that can be caught from almost any shore, whilst large Australian salmon are commonplace. Kingfish are often found chasing baitfish under the jetty in Whitemark. North East River and Holloway Point are renowned salmon hot spots. Flinders Island is a largely untapped fishery, and game fishery that offers some of Tasmania’s best fishing.

Today, Tasmanian fishing is considered as the most popular activity that attracts thousands of people every year. These activities are not only for a group of men, families who come here for a vacation also experience the wonder of Flinders island.

Do you seek more adventure? Try a 2 or 4 hour Quad Bike Ride

P1050817 Kirkhope Aviation Flinders Island
Flinders Island Quad Bike Ride

Another activity that seems to be turning into an exceedingly popular event among the locals and the tourists in Tasmania is quad bike riding. Here, you can enjoy a 2 hour or 4 hour quad bike ride. These motorcycles (with 4 wheels) are more stable than standard highway motorcycles. Within a short period of time, you will be able to drive this incredible machine like a professional.

Any person can try quad bike riding, even if they have never driven a car or a bike before. It is a thrilling experience, however, for the more adventuresome, a 4 hour quad bike ride up Mt Strezlecki is a highpoint.

People who join a group air tour to Flinders Island, always get more than their expectations. That’s why they tend to come here again and again to feel the same way.

Kirkhope Aviation is an Australian air tour company that organizes special one or two day events that take in fishing tours and quad bike riding.

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Contact us to organise your day! Other attractions; Swimming, surfing, sight seeing.
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