Kimberley, Pilbara and Australia’s Coral Coast

The Kimberley and The Pilbara. Names that evoke images of red rocks, blue skies and pioneering spirits. Covering the north of Western Australia, they both offer some incredible sights and experiences.

The Kimberley is bordered to the west by the Indian Ocean, to the north by the Timor Sea, to the east by the Northern Territory and to the south by the Great Sandy and Tanami Deserts.

Known for red dirt, indigenous history and mining, the Pilbara is twice the size of the UK, with breathtaking natural landscapes, deep rocky gorges, crystal clear pools and stunning waterfalls, dating back two billion years and stretching over 400,000 square km.

Australia’s Coral Coast stretches along 1,100km of breathtaking coastline from Cervantes, two hours north of Perth, to the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef. A boundless marine wonderland with open skies and otherworldly landscapes.

Bungle Bungle

The Bungle Bungle Range, in the East Kimberley’s World Heritage-listed Purnululu National Park, is one of the most recognisable and incredible landmarks in Western Australia. From an aircraft, the orange and black stripes across the beehive-like mounds, encased in a skin of silica and algae, are clearly visible as you approach. As you sweep further over the range, a hidden world of gorges and pools is revealed, with fan palms clinging precariously to walls and crevices in the rocks. On the ground, take a guided a walk through the famous eroded towers, the awe-inspiring natural acoustics of Cathedral Gorge, and Piccaninny Creek, which only flows during the monsoon. Learn about the Kimberley climate, the six seasons and the unique flora and fauna so crucial to the lands traditional custodians. And take loads of photos!

Tours featuring Bungle Bungle:
The Kimberley & The Pilbara
Ultimate Outback Air Safari


Kununurra is the gateway town to the East Kimberley and the Bungle Bungle Range. It’s close to the Ord River Dam and enormous man-made Lake Argyle. With sizzling red soil, wide open blue skies, and rugged bush scenery, this place will enliven your senses.

Tours featuring Kununurra:
The Kimberley & The Pilbara
Ultimate Outback Air Safari

Kimberley Coastal Camp

Kimberley Coastal Camp is nestled on the pristine shores of Admiralty Gulf on the breathtaking Kimberley Coast. The resort combines fabulous scenery, ancient rock art, beachfront bungalows and gourmet food with unparalleled hospitality in a remote wilderness location. Access is via helicopter from Mitchell Plateau – an experience in itself! All meals, drinks and touring are included in the room rate. Touring can be as plentiful or non-existent as you feel like. Cruise around deserted islands with a picnic lunch, laze around the pool or discover intriguing Wandjina and Gwion Gwion (Bradshaw) rock art with Tub, the camp’s owner. Perhaps go fishing and enjoy the fruits of your efforts at dinner.

Ningaloo Reef

Immerse yourself in an unforgettable underwater adventure at the World Heritage-listed Ningaloo Reef / Nyinggulu. A string of pristine beaches stretch the length of the Coral Coast while just a few metres off the shore, Australia's largest fringing coral reef is the perfect place to swim alongside majestic whale sharks, humpback whales and manta rays, and come face-to-face with Monkey Mia’s friendly dolphins. Peak season for whale sharks is winter, June to August.

Tours featuring Ningaloo Reef:
The Kimberley & The Pilbara
Ultimate Wildlife Air Safari

Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef

Sal Salis is an exclusive beach safari camp nestled in the Cape Range National Park dunes: delicious, locally sourced food, a self-serve bar, impeccable service, and wildlife on land and sea. The national park offers exceptional wildlife and bird viewing, the crystal-clear dark skies display an unbelievable number of stars, and the Ningaloo Reef on your doorstep features over 500 fish species and 250 coral types. And whale sharks.

Each of the 16 eco-luxury safari tents offers view of the bush and over the Indian Ocean. Meals are shared with your fellow guests in the lodge area. The chefs take their food very seriously, with a delicious menu featuring seasonal local produce and hints of the bush and ocean.

Cruises picking up from the lodge will take you out to encounter whale sharks, humpback whales and manta rays, depending on the season. A spotter plane above keeps a keen eye out while the crew help you get kitted out with wetsuits and snorkels. Experienced guides will explain how to interact with the gentle giants, who will decide how long they want to interact with you – sometimes up to an hour! Whale sharks, humpback whales and manta rays are wild animals and their welfare is paramount, so interactions cannot be guaranteed, but the strike rate through the season is close to 100%.

Tours featuring Sal Salis Ningaloo Reef:
The Kimberley & The Pilbara
Ultimate Wildlife Air Safari

Karijini National Park

Karijini National Park in the Pilbara is Western Australia’s largest national park. Carved out of rock that is over 2.5 billion years old, it is the oldest known landscape on Earth. Karijini has spectacular 100-metre, sheer-sided, ochre-coloured chasms, crystal clear rock pools, cascading waterfalls and tropical fern ecosystems, with easy walking tracks. Local tour guides will take you to explore the natural wonders of the park. Located at the junction of the mighty Weano, Joffre, Hancock and Red Gorges, Oxer Lookout offers one of the most stunning panoramas in Western Australia. Fortescue Falls, the park’s only permanent waterfall, cascades down the gently sloped rocks into a pool. Swim in the calm, clear waters of Fern Pool. Visit the Karijini Visitors Centre for stories of aboriginal culture, pastoral and mining histories, geology, fauna and flora.

Tours featuring Karijini National Park:
The Kimberley & The Pilbara

Karijini Eco Retreat

100% aboriginal-owned, Karijini Eco Retreat is nestled in the pristine bushland and Joffre Gorge (Jijingunha) in the heart of the Karijini National Park. The semi-permanent eco-tents offer luxury with minimal impact on the environment. Dining includes traditional bush tucker in the alfresco outback-style restaurant.

Tours featuring Karijini Eco Retreat:
The Kimberley & The Pilbara


Broome is a postcard come to life, known for magnificent sunsets over Cable Beach. Located at the southern end of The Kimberley, it is a small pearling and tourist town where the desert meets the sea. With a heritage and history unlike any other town in Australia, and characters born out of isolation and initiative, its beautiful surroundings match its remarkable story.

Tours featuring Broome:
Ultimate Wildlife Air Safari

El Questro Homestead

Perched on a cliff top with vistas of one of the prettiest locations on the Chamberlain River, El Questro Homestead is the heart of the East Kimberley. A relaxed ten-suite hideaway catering to a maximum of 20 guests at any time, The Homestead is surrounded by avenues of beautiful frangipani trees and unparalleled views. Bedrooms featuring chic interiors are cantilevered over the still and tranquil Chamberlain River, offering all the luxuries and amenities you could need. Fully inclusive of hosted touring experiences, gourmet meals and a self-service bar at your fingertips, the luxury lodge style accommodation is open to over 18s only. During certain periods through the season, El Questro Homestead can be secured as your own private home away from home, inviting you to indulge in the luxury lodge all to yourself.

With almost 700,000 acres to explore, The Homestead’s surrounding landscape is dramatic and expansive with something to offer everyone. Open from April to October each year.

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