Outback New South Wales

Mungo Lodge, South-West New South Wales

The Magic of Mungo National Park will take your breath away. An area of significant natural beauty awaits you, steeped in Aboriginal culture and studied by anthropologists and archaeologists the world over. Ancient artefacts, plant matter, and animal bones can all be found in their original habitat along 'The Great Walls of China' — an amazing 33 km stretch of sand dunes and lunettes.

Adjacent to Mungo National Park, Mungo Lodge is the perfect base to explore this World Heritage-listed park. Lake Mungo is widely known as the site where some of the oldest intact human remains were discovered. In 2017, these remains were returned to their original resting place.

The airstrip is only metres from your accommodation at the Lodge.

White Cliffs, North West New South Wales

White Cliffs is an opal town in the north-west of New South Wales and is an extraordinary place as most of the town lives in underground ‘dugout’ dwellings. Loop roads throughout the region allow travellers to visit several main centres and attractions with less than a day’s travel between.

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