November 2017 Newsletter – Tasmanian Getaway

The Final Trip for 2017!

Where the journey is as important as the destination

End the year with a perfect 4 day getaway to the southern jewels of Australia.

Discover the seafood filled Flinders Island on your first day. On the second day explore the harbour-side village of Strahan and learn about it’s intricacies with a local tour operator.
On the third day and final day get a taste for world-class beef and cheese platters on King Island, learn about the historic Cape Otway and a picture perfect view of the 12 Apostles on the flight home.

Tour Date 25 November 2017

This is your final chance to book to secure the 2017 price.

We can go anywhere in Australia

Let your imagination guide your next holiday.

Have you got a special destination in mind?

We’ve taken hundreds of guests to iconic and remote Australian destinations for special occasions. Don’t worry about the hassle of how to get there, just tell us where and we’ll take you.

As an example, we have an enquiry for a small group to head to Sydney for New Years Eve. Let your imagination pick your next destination.

Summer has finally arrived!

The islands that become paradise.

With summer finally here and the winter blues of Melbourne behind us, we’re excited to start flying to the southern islands that have become paradise.

With our final trip in 2017 to Tasmania & Bass Strait Islands, we have 2 day January trips to King Island (5th, 19th and 25th January) and Flinders Island (12th and 25th January).

These tours are great short trips to enjoy the beautiful summer weather.

Bespoke tours, the next trend in Australian travel!

A recent photo at Bullo on a 17 day bespoke trip through the Kimberley.

Over the years we have helped numerous groups design and then fly, small and large Bespoke air safaris to Australian iconic locations and currently we have a number of tours in planning for 2018. The next trip is a small group from Germany flying in our King Air for 9 days, visiting the luxury lodges of the Flinders Ranges, Kangaroo Island and Tasmania during January.

Tick off your entire Australian bucketlist, with some of your closest friends or family, in one go during 2018.

Listen to Barbara review her bespoke trip on Talking Lifestyle!

Two of our pilots are currently completing their Airline Transport Pilot License (ATPL)

Training and upskilling our pilots.

One of our pilots, Nick is interstate completing his ATPL and another one of our pilots, Rob, is completing the same License in the United States!

They are both featured in the photo above on a previous charter. Nick is to the left, Rob in the middle with the Minister of Transport, Darren Chester on the right.

We’re looking forward to them returning to us in December.

Mungo Man set to return home in 2017

Mungo Man was first discovered in 1974 by Geologist Jim Bowler working on the shoreline of an ancient lake in Western NSW. Mungo Lady and Mungo Man remain to-date the oldest human remains ever found in Australia and are the oldest modern humans found outside of Africa dating back 42,000 years.

After 43 years, Mungo Man will be returning home with a national public celebration during November. Visitors are invited to come join and watch this important home coming and acknowledge one of Australia’s most ancient ancestors.

Final tour in 2017 and upcoming 2018 tours

25th November

Tasmania & Bass Strait Islands


5th January

King Island Express

12th January

Fantastic Flinders Island

19th January

King Island Express

25th January

Tasmania & Bass Strait Islands

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