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Your outback adventure is coming up, and we’re looking forward to showing you some of our favourite destinations. Please take the time to read through this document before packing your bags.


Depending on the particular time of year, temperatures vary between day and night considerably. During normal season (April to September), you should expect daytime temperatures between 15 and 35 degrees, with overnight temperatures generally between 5 and 15 degrees. Note that particularly in June and July, min temperatures in the outback can drop to zero degrees, so layered clothing is helpful in dealing with this.

We recommend you look at the forecast for some of your destinations in the days leading up to the trip.

Mobile phones

Generally mobile coverage in outback areas is limited. Telstra is the major carrier with coverage in most locations and it’s important to note that if your carrier is a Telstra reseller you might not have coverage in remote sites. If you require phone or data coverage while on tour we encourage you to purchase a pre-paid Telstra SIM card for the trip and also be prepared to be out of mobile coverage at some locations. WiFi access is limited and when available often the speeds are slower than in our capital cities.

Maps and iPads

In the aircraft is a Kirkhope Aviation iPad with which you’ll be able to track the progress of each flight using AvPlan, an aviation mapping suite that your pilot will also be using on his/her iPad.


Kirkhope Aviation tours are all-inclusive and you will not be asked to pay anything further while you’re away. You may, however, wish to purchase souvenirs or alcoholic beverages when not sitting down to dinner and so we do recommend bringing a small amount of cash or a credit card to cover these additional purchases.

Bedding and towels

These are provided at all locations – you do not need to bring either.

Snacks and water

A variety of nibbles and bottled water are made available on the aircraft. We do encourage you to bring your own water bottle for the trip, however it’s not required.

Cabin conditions

All Kirkhope Aviation aircraft are fitted with a comfortable leather interior and, during warmer months, most also with air conditioning. Your pilot will provide a full briefing about the aircraft on your morning of departure.

Kirkhope TOTO Stills 6 Kirkhope Aviation Aircraft

During take-off it is considerably louder than a typical airliner, however after this you’ll be able to converse easily with your fellow passengers with a normal conversational voice. The only people we recommend ear plugs to are those that would normally wear them on a larger aircraft, and generally we have a spare noise cancelling aviation headset on board should you find the aircraft too loud.

Baggage Weight

In your departure information email you will have been advised of your personal baggage weight. This will vary between 7 – 10 kgs, depending on the length of the trip. Please adhere to this, and bear in mind that this should include all itemsthat you are not wearing on the departure day. In general, we ask that guests aim to ‘pack light.’ You’re going to be away for only a few days and in generally quite clear and warm weather, so keep this in mind when deciding if you need that extra item.

Washing availability

On long tours of more than 8 days we typically have locations where we stay for two nights. In that case there are options to have your washing done at least once or twice during the tour. This helps to you to “pack light”.

Suitcases and bags

Please pack using small squashable (sports or duffel) bags. The storage areas on the air

Packing list

  • Comfortable clothing, including pants/jeans, shorts, t-shirts/shirts and underwear
  • Sweaters/jumpers, preferably in thin layers
  • Sunhat, sunglasses and sunscreen/lip balm
  • Comfortable shoes to walk over uneven group, such as runners or trainers
  • Basic toiletries
  • Mobile phone and charger

Ridge Top Tour - Arkaroola

If you are participating on the Arkaroola Ridge Top Tour ( Taste of the Outback 3 day) It is recommended that your bring

  • Light Jacket
  • Warm hat and gloves

Optional items

  • Motion sickness treatment (if you are prone to this)
  • Digital camera and charger
  • Fly net and insect repellent (during the hotter months, before May or after August)
  • Beanie and gloves (during the cooler months, between May and August)
  • Water bottle

Finding us

Our address is 7 Second St, Moorabbin Airport VIC 3194 Unfortunately Moorabbin Airport is a maze of streets and avenues, and so we strongly recommend you use Apple or Google Maps to help you find us.

"An enlightening view of our outback country with all its pluses and minuses. The pilot was extraordinary with his knowledge and guidance throughout the trip. I will certainly fly with the company again."
TripAdvisor , Melbourne

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